Absolutely buzzing about free range eggs

Welcome to The birds and the bees free range eggs an exciting new free range project with the Ecosystem and population of bumblebees at heart, and of course not to forget our passion for free range farming and the welfare of our hens.

We have been selling and marketing eggs for over 25 years successfully but thought it was time for a change and something new, something with that extra Buzz!

Each of our farms are carefully managed ensuring we have created wildflower habitats, drinking sources and areas for bees to live. This is done on and around the range in harmony with our Free Range hens allowing a strong partnership with nature and the ecosystem.

All of our eggs are carefully collected, packed and sold ensuring maximum quality and freshness giving the customers the best.

Our birds are managed with their welfare at heart with local farmers that care for them all year round. Happy hens do lay very tasty eggs!